Through an interactive process BYOB helps you – step by step – identify your verbal brand

People see who you are before they hear who you are… Affirm your personal brand daily and watch others follow.

We Become What We Believe - The verbal branding statement is the foundation to creating your unique visual presentation.

When the image and branding statement are one – you’ll know it, feel it and live it! You become empowered and more confident.

You’ll also become more aware of the choices you make…
You’ll stop asking “What should I wear?”and begin to ask yourself, “Does this outfit speak to who I am?”


  • NBCU/Comcast
  • Coca-Cola
  • Sony Music
  • Neutrogena
  • StateFarm
  • USC
  • Pasadena City‎ College
  • Los Angeles World Airport
  • Toyota
  • Macy's
  • Concord Music
  • Odyssey Spa Conference
  • Dress For Success
  • Pasadena Worksource
  • National Urban League - Career Training
  • Subaru

Who we serve:

Employee Development Teams, Leadership, Women's Programs, Diversity Programs, Youth Development, Job Seekers, College/University Programs, Small Business Owners and Individuals.

Defining your brand can be hard and to some impossible.
Here are two ways we help you immediately define your brand and BYOB. Sign up now!

Discover your brand.
Develop your branding statement.
Define how to use it in everything you do.
Your next step after a BYOB Intro Session.


This package will help you take what you've learned about the power of your brand and put it into action. Helping you discover and define your unique brand, formulate your personal branding statement and learn how to "visually and physically" bring it to life.


Package includes:

a. Information/handouts to help you discover your personal brand attributes
b. A 30 minute one-on-one phone session to formalize your branding statement
c. Follow-up emails - making sure you're on course
d. 30 minute phone consult to finalize your branding statement and ensure that you understand how to use it personally, professionally and visually.


Only $500.00

In this one-on-one you will discover your personal brand and develop your personal branding statement.

Package Includes:

a. Information/handouts to help you discover your personal brand attributes
b. A 30 minute one-on-one phone session to formalize your branding statement

Only $300.00


Free Chapter Download
from 'Mama Used To Say'

'Mama Used To Say...

Be Your Own Brand'

$ 7.00

3 Steps To Help You BYOB
Your brand affects your business, career, job… life! Here's your personal guide to help you Be Your Own Brand and build it with 3 easy steps!

$ 5.99

Video To Help You BYOB

Want to see it - instead of read it? This video presentation will help you understand the power of your brand, why it's important and how to get started building it! Total running time 37 minutes.

$ 8.99

15 ScreensaversAffirmations To Encourage You to BYOB

The voice we hear the most is the one inside our own head! Fill your mind (and computer screen) with thoughts that empower you! BYOB affirmations to encourage you to always, "BYOB! Because Everybody Else Is Taken!"

$. 0.99


Front of shirt reads:
BYOB - Be Your Own Brand
Back of shirt reads:  "Speak Volumes Without Saying A Word..."

Sizes M & L

$ 12.99

Sheila Coates, the creator of BYOB, brings two decades of entertainment experience with expertise in branding, marketing, artist development, lifestyle & business strategies and creating great images.

Her successful career includes memorable red-carpet appearances and marketing campaigns for “A” list celebrities such as: Diddy, Babyface, Mary J. Blige, Monica, Angie Stone, Faith Evans, Lenny Kravitz, Deborah Cox, Barry White and numerous others.

Sheila’s held executive positions with: Sony/BMG, EMI/Capitol, Arista, Virgin, MCA, Perspective and Hidden Beach Records leading multi-million dollar marketing budgets.

Her creativity, visual presentation, imaging and branding talents have created numerous performances for: The Oprah Show, The Grammy’s, American Music Awards, The Today Show and others.

Sheila has the passion, confidence and expertise to help people
"Be Their Own Brand” by helping them define their unique “visual” DNA!

Sheila’s BYOB program at the NAAAP National convention in Dallas was one of the top 3 favorite among convention attendees. Sheila’s keen insights and “made-to-stick” strategies to create a memorable and impactful brand left the audience wanting more!
We want her back to our next convention!

Warm Regards,
Fabian J. De Rozario
National President & CEO, NAAAP - National Association of Asian American Professionals

Hi Sheila, I wanted to tell you that the session you conducted at Neutrogena was invaluable to me.  I have not seen or heard anything like the information you gave down to a personal level.  It was interesting to hear what I seemed to portray in my daily image versus what I THOUGHT or want to portray. Thanks in advance for you time and consideration Sheila and the session you led was invaluable.

Michael Director-Quality Compliance/Johnson & Johnson

Did you hear anything about the Women's' Network program yesterday?  I thought it was excellent and it was just a very short version of what is done for employee development.  The topic was "BYOB - Be Your Own Brand" and talked about people identifying their own unique attributes and how their appearance either supported or detracted from that.  I'm not exactly in the "I care a lot about what I look like" category, but I thought the points she made about 1) knowing our "brand, 2) the message we send to others and 3) how that contributes to how prepared we are to do our jobs, were very valid. I don't know the process for determining employee development options, but of course I thought of you as my best contact. Thanks!

Chris IT SOX & Controllership, Global Enterprise Systems, NBC Universal Media Works

Sheila, I wanted to personally thank you for just being there. Your faith in God really touched me. Your presentation was on point. And your kindness spoke volumes. We can never tell what a child gets when we speak to them, only time will tell. But I do know one thing that is true. If we stay transparent with them, they will never forget us. That's what you did for me and them. You made a huge impression.

Haskel Jackson Jr. - Loop Dreams Teaching Artist The Kanye West Foundation

Hello Sheila! My name is Johnna and I was one of the participants in the recent BYOB workshop that you conducted at Neutrogena. First, let me say what a blessing the workshop was for me. For years I have struggled with understanding what my “style” is. Whenever I complained about my style (or lack thereof), people would ask me ‘well how do you describe your style?’. And oddly enough I could never communicate it. Therefore, making me feel as though I just didn’t really have style because I lacked the capacity to define it. But your BYOB framework of focusing on the impression that you want to leave on others and really owning and making a personal statement through your image and appearance has changed all of that for me. I realize now that I didn’t struggle with style because I didn’t have any but rather I lacked the framework within which to think about how I wanted to communicate my “brand” to others. Now I have that understanding and for that I am truly grateful.

Johnna - Customer Marketing Manager - Club, Beauty Johnson & Johnson Sales & Logistics Company

Dear Sheila Thank you, thank you! What a productive and fun session!  I never understood what branding meant in relation to your personal style. I always felt it was what you do vs. who you are.  It's very clear now and I only wish we had two whole days with you to cover more material.

Carmen/TV Finance Group NBC Universal

Dear Sheila, My name is Josefina.  We met at the Women’s Network event at NBCU this past Wednesday.  Thank you for a very effective seminar!  I hope that we will figure out a way to get NBCU to invest in additional in-depth seminars w/ you. I was so impressed by your energy, your presence, the content of your presentation, your style (especially your hot pink Alexander McQueens) and I’m wondering if you ever make exceptions and work w/individuals one-on-one.  I look forward to working with you, Sincerely,

Josefina, Project Manager, Domestic Film & Music Systems NBCU Media Works IT

My family and I have been in the entertainment business for many years and I never heard anyone say, "Let's develop a branding statement and then - we'll put the visual to it!" BYOB is an innovative concept and changed the way I'll look at my artists and myself in the future!

Kerry Gordy, Entertainment Executive Son of Legendary Music Pioneer, Barry Gordy Sr. of Motown

I didn't understand what BYOB was all about, but I definitely saw the difference it made in my daughter (Leigh). The confidence and sense of empowerment she gained was AMAZING! Who doesn't want that for their child or in life?

Mr. Jones proud father of Leigh Jones

The BYOB process is simple but powerful. It made me really ask myself "Who I Am" instead of "What Should I Wear?" BYOB helped me discover the "Who" so the "What" became clear... I am a happy product of BYOB!

Leigh Jones CD "Music In My Soul" in stores

Staying consistent, authentic and true to your brand is a challenge in the entertainment business. I have known Sheila/BYOB for over 10 years and can say she has stayed true to her brand...confident, consistent and authentic!

Melinda Dancil Melinda Enterprises Management Firm

Sheila knows how important it is for an artist to be true to who they are and connect with their fans. She has always encouraged me to “Be My Own Brand!” So when I won my Grammy for “The Boy Is Mine” – Sheila was definitely the glue that bonded “My Brand” and “My Fans!”

“Monica” Arnold Singer/Actress/Grammy Award Winner

How can you "Speak Volumes Without Saying A Word...?" I didn't understand that concept until I met Sheila and worked with BYOB! It's amazing how when you determine what you want to project and put the right visual to can do just that! Speak Volumes! I've seen Sheila do this time and time again for artists and she's living proof of it herself!

Michele Smith Marketing Executive for Concord Music

"Speak Volumes Without Saying A Word..." that's BYOB! When Sheila and I worked together on my "Black Diamond" project, she helped me create a brand that is still imbedded in the minds of my fans today! I felt good; looked good and moved like the image we created...a beautiful "Black Diamond!"

Angie Stone Singer/Songwriter/Producer/Actress

As a Sales Executive, my "business attire" has always been tight! But I wanted to change my casual image and define my brand! After working with BYOB - I feel good, look good and get confirmation from others as well. I definitely have that "BYOB Swagger!" BYOB for Life!

Reginald D. Scurlock/Sales Executive

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WVON - The Talk of Chicago
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Speaking Engagements


&BYOB – Sales/Leadership Conference

- Sales Department
- Marketing Department
- Customer Care Department

- Professional Women
- Corporate Office, LA, California

Essence National Women's Conference New York City

Women in Cable & Television
“Change” Conference, Sacramento, CA

Dress for Success
International Summit,
Keynote Speaker
- Chicago, Illinois
- San Francisco, California
- Los Angeles, California

LA Small Business Association / PACE
- Speaking to Women Entrepreneurs about "Power of A Brand"
- "Celebrating Women In Business"
Los Angeles, California

“Celebrate Life!”

St. John Baptist Church
“Mama Used To Say...BYOB”

Book Signing, In Honor of My Mother – Hortense P. Coates, Sacramento, California

British American Business Council honors BYOB as
"Small Business On The Rise"

Loop Dreams Program
"Hip Hop - More Than Music"
Kanye West Foundation
West Hollywood, CA

Odyssey Spa ConferenceGuest Speaker/Teacher
- Las Vegas, Nevada
- Miami, Florida

TV Appearances


Keyshia & Daniel - Family First

Watch Video

Mothers Day

Philadelphia NBC
The 10! Show
The Power of a Personal Brand February

CNBC Africa
Business AM
BYOB interview about the importanceof being your own brand!

WUSA-9 Washington, DC
Host: Allison Seymour
A New Approach for the New Year!

Good Morning

Macy's & BYOB
"Celebrates You" for Black History Month

Print & Online Presence

Marketing Maven Sheila Coates’ 3 Tips on how to “Build Your Own Brand”

The Network Journal
Sheila Coates' BYOB Helps You Define Your Own Brand

Milwaukee Community Journal
Tips on how to ‘Build Your Own Brand'

The Story Exchange
Where Women mean Business

Huffington Post
What Your Clothes Say About You and Your Business
An Outfit’s Worth a Thousand Words: What Your Uniform Says About You

Huffington Post
Women in Business: Tips on How to Look Stylish and Professional

The Story Exchange
Where women mean business

British Airways
Business Connect - An interview with Sheila Coates

Dress for Success
Speaker at PWG meeting

AOL Style Spotter
How Knowing your Brand and Dressing the Part can make all the Difference

Chat, Chew and
International website empowering women to be their Best

Big Blend Magazine
Champagne Sundays / Interview w/Host: Lisa

Odyssey Couleur Magazine

NY Times
Sunday Style Section

Souls of My Sisters

Small Business Association
BYOB Seminar Los Angeles, CA

British Airways / South Africa   Kanye West Foundation

BYOB in London and South Africa - Winner of the BA 'Face to Face' contest

  The Challenger's Boys & Girls Club  

Macy’s, Essence Magazine and BYOB @ the 2010 Annual Women’s Conference
November 2010

Dress for Success   Odyssey Spa
Dress for Success Conference in San Francisco

  BYOB workshop at Odysee Spa  

NEUTROGENA & BYOB "celebrating Black History Month" with saxophonist-extraordinaire MIKE PHILLIPS

Managing Change Coaching Clinic   Pace/SBA & BYOB   Dress for Success - Chicago
WICT – Women in Cable & Television & BYOB – “Change” Conference, Sacramento, California   BYOB – Speaks at PACE & SBA in Los Angeles, CA   Keynote Speaker for Breakfast @ Dress for Success - International Summit / Chicago
BYOB and MACY'S 2010   Ms Macy "C"   BYOB honored by the BABC
Spring 2010. Sheila took BYOB and her book to MACY'S all around the country to celebrate Black History Month.   Check out contest winner - Ms. Mercy "C" of Maryland - with her autograph copy of "Mama Used To Say...Be Your Own Brand!"  Courtesy of Make-up Artist Extraordinaire - Kellie Muse!   BYOB Honored by: BABC - British American Business Council - as a "Small Business On The Rise" - April 2010


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